Gothic Punk

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Gothic Punk

Die World of Darkness ist ein Gothic-Punk Roleplaying Game. The Begriff Gothic Punk bezieht sich auf die Synthese der zwei Subkulturen, welche das Theme der World of Darkness am bestehen repräsentiert: Die Dunkle, elegante, viktorianische Ästhetik der Gothic Kultur mit der harten und modernen

Gothic Punk repräsentiert eine dunkle, romantische Ansicht auf eine post-industrielle Welt.

The gothic aspect of the World of Darkness encompasses much of the look and feel of the setting. Massive buildings tower over mortals who scuttle in the shadows. Statues loom atop the buildings and empty alleys twist between massive structures, reminding the citizens that someone is always watching. Mortal institutions, too, are weighty and imposing. Uncaring governments, ultra-conservative religious institutions, and faceless corporations rule almost every aspect of society. The gulf between the haves and have-nots is growing wide enough to swallow the world. Punk describes the lifestyle that fights against this universal culture of oppression. Denizens of the World of Darkness have a choice: become one of the faceless masses, or hurl themselves into the chasm between the downtrodden and Mind’s Eye Theatre: V 18 ampire The Masquerade powerful, seeking to bring some sort of meaning to their lives. Whether they are rebelling or trying to claim scraps of power, the citizens of this world are consumed by need. Everything is frantic and frenetic; music is louder, fashion is more shocking, and violence hides beneath pleasant smiles.